It’s happening AGAIN!

kevinmcdonald (1)It’s time for the Second annual Vancouver Sketch Comedy Festival! All over Vancouver I see great comedy groups putting together shows, performing fascinating, hilarious comedy. There are growing audiences all over, and I think it’s time to bring them all together and celebrate that! Consider this festival your opportunity to come in and peruse the comedy offerings that are available in your city. Like some kind of Farmers Market, but of laughs, instead of expensive organic bananas.

But it doesn’t stop there. Through all of my touring as part of my sketch group (Peter n’ Chris), I have also run into some really amazing groups from all over the place. New York, LA, Toronto, Edmonton, even Winnipeg! People are cooking up some really great comedy all over the place and I think you should come check that out as well. Think of it like some kind of Imports Market, but of laughs, instead of expensive Jade Carvings.
And to top it all off, we have managed to get one more great act. Kevin McDonald from famed sketch group ‘Kids in the Hall’ will be headlining one of our shows! You are going to want to get tickets for this show right away. It’s going to sell out, and it’s really going to be the cherry on top of this lovely Comedy Festival. Think of it like some kind of Dairy Queen Peanut Buster Parfait(tm). Only instead of peanuts on top of the ice cream, you have Kevin McDonald.
So get tickets, tweet about the shows, drag your friends down, and drink and laugh with us, at the 2015 2nd Annual Vancouver Sketch Comedy Festival!
See you there!

Love and Smooches,

Peter Carlone, Vancouver Sketch Comedy Festival.