Hey! You found the website! Congratulations! That means you are in the right place to peruse the lineup of fantastic sketch comedy groups from all over Canada and the US. Sketchfest bringing you the VERY BEST in sketch comedy content from all over, so make sure to get a couple of passes (c’mon they aren’t expensive) and check out something from everywhere.ryanamysmall

Following two very successful years, Sketchfest returns for a third year to keep bringing you a one-stop-shop for all your comedy needs. Come down to Granville island at the Waterfront theatre, and this year, Studio 1398, and enjoy some of the funniest,  most interesting and creative comedy the US and Canada have to offer!

Why Sketch Comedy? Have you seen those moments, on Saturday Night Live or back to the Tim Conway show (some of you…) where a scene is getting so out of hand that the actors and the audience can’t even contain themselves? That is always a fun and (except for Jimmy Fallon) rare moment in a sketch show, and if you haven’t been there live for it, you are missing out. But there is more to it than just those moments, Sketch Comedy is the height of creativity in comedy, where from scene to scene, and group to group, you simply can’t predict what will be next. To be in those audiences, is truly electric.

Whats more, Vancouver Sketchfest has harvested a (gluten free of course) crop of some truly amazing sketch comedians. At this years fest, we have a wide range of comedy to pick from, Gossamer Obsessions (“their comedy is surely the devil’s work because it seems to come to them too easily” – Edmonton Sun) is sure to blow your minds with their amazing writing; be sure to check out Vanessa Gonzalez (coming from Austin, Texas) who comes to Vancouver fresh off of performances in Chicago and San Francisco comedy festivals.

Sketch can be so different from group to group, We have physical comedy, wordy thoughtful comedy, solo shows and Clown! This year, we are giving audiences something brand new, called Sketchferno. After seeing some of the other groups, you will definitely want tickets to this show (Not to mention that Morgan Brayton will be on the same ticket that night). What we have done is come together with many of the groups that will be flying in to Vancouver, as well as some locals to put together a massive show, with groups members from all over the fest. What you will see is a veritable ‘best of’ from many of the sketch groups at the fest, with large sketches featuring all your favourite actors, you are definitely going to want tickets to this.

Guys! Do me a favour and follow @vancouversketch on twitter and keep an eye on this website for updates, deals, etc.

See you there!

Love and Smooches,

Peter Carlone, Vancouver Sketch Comedy Festival.