chris wilson


Oh my word here we are again. Ladies and Gentlemens, its time for another year of the Vancouver Sketch Comedy Festival! This is the third year and my excitement remains the same, it may have tripled even. Last year we had a number of sell-out shows (in the Waterfront Theatre no less) and this year will be no different. As I toured across the country with my sketch duo I ran in to so many awesome sketch comedians asking me when this damn thing was starting up again, which filled me with anticipation at plotting out the lineup for the coming fest.

If you are a sketch comedian please follow @vancouversketch on twitter and keep an eye on this website as we will soon be launching the sketch group submissions page. Prepare some clips of your group, prepare some sweet descriptions of what you do, and prepare to come perform to big crowds of real HOT LAUGHERS. We will likely be wrapping up submissions mid-to late October, so get ready!

If you are a volunteer (like if you volunteer for stuff and could see yourself doing it again) please follow @vancouversketch on twitter and keep an eye on this website as we will be posting signup forms and would love to have you participate in the festival. Plus, you get to see the shows for free, so why not right?

If you are an audience member, prepare your pocket books. This festival is going to be awesome. Please follow @vancouversketch on twitter and keep an eye on this website as we we are bringing back some old favourites who sold out and then crushed their performances last year, there will be some new up and comers, and of course a big name or two!

Please find attached, a photo of a young Chris Wilson, who is the second member of my sketch group “Peter n’ Chris”

See you there!

Love and Smooches,

Peter Carlone, Vancouver Sketch Comedy Festival.